NEW website

    This is indeed a new website for VShane Studio, and I'm excited by the progress and jazzed that my entire gallery of work is available on nearly all mobile devices now. I say nearly, since I don't own ALL mobile devices its hard to make that assumption. 

   Seems summer ransacked my time and ran off with itself and has left me in the lurches of the coming Autumn already. Many things are a buzzing in the studio (need to close the screen door more often) and many potential projects sit awaiting to be renewed that have been shelved for nearly a year. That would include a Fae painting series, modules for Artifacts of the Arcane on, a comic Kickstarter project, and the continuation of VHEE music (MP3s on RPGnow for gaming).

   I look forward to posting updates on both here and my current longer running blog on Facebook Hope you have the opportunity to browse through the gallery whether you are from the past, future or the even rarer now.

~ VShane